Water bills and water company charging schemes are complex and whilst you might find that the numbers add up that’s no guarantee that you are being charged correctly by your water supplier. At ICE Utilities we understand water and water bills and the best approach to take to ensure your water supplier only charges you for the services it actually provides.

We all know that using less water helps to reduce costs and is good for the environment. At ICE Utilities we have the expertise that is required to fully understand the best way of achieving sustainable savings at a reasonable price. Our consultants can help you understand your water bills and reduce your costs. As water experts we have the knowledge and experience required to identify inefficient uses of water and offer sensible, practical solutions to improve water efficiency and reduce cost.

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About ICE Utilities

ICE Utilities was formed in early 2013 by Shaun and Richard as part of the ongoing development of the successful ICE Plumbing and Water Services business that Shaun had started 10 years earlier. Their paths have crossed many times since 2003 and ICE Plumbing and Water Services continue to be an important service provider to the Yorkshire Water Business Services team where Richard was, until 2007, the Engineering Services Manager. As Shaun often says “…it’s not just plumbing, we are water experts” and with that in mind he saw an opportunity to expand the business by offering a service to help customers manage their water use and costs and start to prepare for water retail competition. And so ICE Utilities was born at Unit 9 in Barugh Green.